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You must send an email to
to reserve your choice. 


Please remember all the items on this page are from my personal collection

and only one of each item is available.  


First come, first served!  


Include the following information in your email:


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I will reply to confirm the purchase and send you a PayPal invoice.   Your merchandise will be shipped within 48 hours.  POSTAGE IS FREE IN THE U.S.


Here are a few choice items from my collection. 

Come back often  -- this page changes frequently. 





The Boris Wild MARKED DECK - $12.00

I have a well-used Marked Deck by Boris Wild that I use all the time, but the one I am selling is brand new, unopened, and still in shrink wrap.  The Bicycle deck was manufactured by U.S. Playing card and the backs are red.  It is advertised online from $15 to $30.

Wild’s creative markings are easy to read and user-friendly.  The marks are hidden in plain sight – you just have to know where to look because they are invisible to the uninitiated.   

The deck comes complete with Wild’s instructions about using the deck.  He also gives you several routines plus some tips and suggestions.  The perfect professional deck, but easy enough for beginners.

Tony Clark's In and Out ROPE ESCAPE  - $20.00

Best professional rope escape ever!  No thumbs required!  The ingenious handling of the rope is he secret.  Offered online for $28.50 to $47.76.

This routine is great for stage or parlor. Two volunteers tie your wrists together with a piece of rope (provided with this DVD) but you can escape in seconds.  The DVD gives you easy, step-by-step instructions and presentation tips. 

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL….  You also get Tony’s exciting routine “Knife Thru Coat”.  The audience will be blown away when you stab a large knife right through a coat that belongs to one of the volunteers who tied you up.  Not to worry – the coat is not damaged in any way. 


I love Tony and I love this routine – done by another magician.  It’s just not my style, but I know you’ll love it.  Scott

PEEK PERFORMANCES by Richard Busch - $25.00

Brand new, still in shrink wrap, this acclaimed hard back book by Richard Busch originally sold for $65.00.  It has been described as “the bible” for mind-reading magic. 

Canada’s leading mentalist Paul Alberstat said of this book, “In a clear, concise and easy to ready manner, Mr. Busch covers one of the most important subjects to our art…the secret gathering of information and, just as important, the revelation of this information to our audiences.  No props, no convoluted plot line or long sequenced, coring tricks, just clear, direct, to the point effects that look as close to read mind reading as one can possibly get.  This is a book designed to give you lesson after lesson to be read, digested developed, year after year.”

If you are already into mindreading or if you want to learn, this book will turn you into a pro.  The author uses “plain speak” be present his messages and lessons.  This copy was a gift after I had already purchased the one in my library.  

Bruce Bernstein's LINKING PIN ROUTINE - $20.00

     The magician openly links two large safety pins together. On his command, the pins visibly and slowly melt apart. The effect is repeated; the illusion is just as baffling as the first time. The magician then links the pins together magically in a seemingly impossible manner. One moment the two are separate, and the next, they are linked.

     Finally, an borrowed finger ring is legitimately locked onto one of the pins. The ring melts off  the pin. At the same moment, the two pins link together, in full view, inches from the spectators.  At the conclusion of the routine, everything can be examined. There’s nothing to find!
     You get the pins, instructional video, & fold-out poster with instructions, all in new condition.  Advertised for $32.50 at Steven's Magic Emporium.  

Shawn Farquhar’s TAGGED - $10.00

A freely selected and signed card magically appears impaled beneath a department store security tag!  

I bought this from Shawn at one of his lectures after seeing how hilarious it played and how much the audience laughed.  Then… I realized that I couldn’t pull it off as well, so I haver used the gimmick.  Y


You get the brand new gimmick and his detailed written instructions. 


MIND POWER DECK by John Kennedy - $20.00

The concept is bold and simple. It’s a deck of cards that you can spread and CLEARLY show as normal—52 different cards. But when you wish, you can spread the deck in front of a spectator and allow them to THINK of any card they see...and yet YOU KNOW THE CARD. This isn’t just a trick; it’s an astounding PRINCIPLE that you can use to divine THOUGHT-OF cards from a seemingly shuffled pack. 

Advertised at $39.95. This deck has been opened but not used.


Collectible Magic – FIFI THE CARD PECKER - $150.00


This original Jack Hughes masterpiece, Fifi the Card Pecker, is 16” tall, is in pristine condition. This collector’s item is advertised by for $250.00 but is “out of stock”. The printed instructions look like they were typed by Jack Hughes himself and he didn't have an eraser.  All the typos are just exed out.  His name and London address are on the instructions.  

I inherited this one from a dear departed friend, but it just doesn’t fit my show. 

Silkola - $15.00

An empty Coca Cola bottle is displayed or handed out for examination and the cap is removed. The cap is replaced on the bottle and the bottle is placed inside a decorated metal tube that is a snug fit for the bottle. A red silk is displayed and vanished. The bottle is removed from the tube. The silk is now inside the capped bottle to the amazement of the audience.


I do not know who manufactured this particular item, but it is well-made and very attractive. Comes complete with colorful metal tube, glass bottle, two 12” red silks, regular bottle cap, gimmick, and instructions. 

DIE TUNNEL by Mel Babcock  - $30.00

EFFECT: You have a square wooden tube about 10 inches long and 2 inches square, and a large die which just fits inside the tube. The tube has a window on one side at each end so the die may be seen as it slides thru. The die is pushed thru the tube a few times. The same spot number is seen in both windows as it slides thru. Now, snap your fingers, and when the die slides thru, the spot number will change between one window and the other. The tube may be shown empty at any time. There is no shell or duplicate die to switch. This beautiful tube is made of selected hardwoods. The die is made of a light colored hardwood with inlaid spots of walnut. 

It is beautifully made by master craftsman Mel Babcock and advertised on his site for $65.00.  

BOB-O The Mind Reading Bear - $35.00

Meet Bob-O, the first ever mind-reading bear puppet! This deluxe, plush bear puppet will baffle and amaze. While your back is turned, a spectator selects one of five colored tablets and puts it in the bear's mouth. The spectator hides the other four tablets. When you turn around, you instantly know which color was selected.  Comes complete with adorable plush bear, tablets, carrying bag for the tablets, and instructions. The trick is self-working and operates on batteries, which are also included. You'll love the devilish secret, and instantly find several ways to incorporate the puppet into your show. Remember, there is no forcing of colors; the trick practically works itself!  Bob-O is advertised by Magic Depot for $59.95, but is out of stock.  It is advertised on another site for $24.95, plus $30.23  shipping.   (Remember, all my Pre-Owned Props have FREE shipping in the U.S.  -  Scott)


My die box served faithfully many years and I kept it in top condition.  No scratches of any kind on the die, shell, or varnished select hardwood.  Although the black felt bottom has some scuffing, this piece is in pristine condition. The round wooden door pulls and brass piano hinges are distinctive for Milson Worth products but I do not have the original instructions. I found two exactly like this advertised online - one for $265 and one for $150, but both have already been sold.  If you don't know a die box routine, call me.  I'll be happy to walk to you through it.  Scott



Defy gravity!  Make a half dollar obey your instructions!  This will amaze and amuse your audience every time it's done -- right in front of their unbelieving eyes!

This great coin effect catches the eye from all over the room.  Place this ordinary-looking half dollar on the back of a playing card and wait for the miracle.  Not only does the coin slowly rise on your command, you can actually spin it on top of the card.  

Offered by Stephens Magic Emporium for $30.00.  

Milson-Worth “The Ring and the Orange” - $175.00


Rare vintage magic by Milson-Worth in great condition.  Colors are vivid; finish is pristine. 


Borrowed ring ends up threaded on a string in the middle of an orange.  String is threaded through this empty 7” tall box and tied in front.  A borrowed ring and an orange are vanished.  Magic happens!  The string is untied and lifted from the box, but now it is threaded through an orange.  When the orange is cut open, the borrowed ring is firmly tied on the string.


This wonderful piece of magic history comes with the original Milson-Worth instructions and “needle”.  You will need to supply two identical 36” cords (shoelaces work great), the orange, and a devil’s hank.  Advertised elsewhere from $299.00 to $440.00.

Bakery Bear by Hank Lee - $150.00


Kids will go nuts for this hilarious routine along the lines of “Run, Rabbit, Run” with an adorable fuzzy-looking blue bear. Instructions included. 


Open the door to "My House" and introduce Boo Bear, who LOVES cookies! Boo lives next door to a bakery and secretly enjoys their wares. Open the bakery door to show it empty. Close both doors, the children see Boo sneaking next door, but when you open the bakery door, Boo is already home.  Repeat as many times as the kids are having fun with Boo sneaking back and forth and even peeking around the side. For the finale, catch Boo in the bakery and take him home. Quick as a flash Boo disappears again but you can make him appear wherever you like; i.e., in your pocket, stuck to the back or your coat.


This great piece of fun kid’s magic is brand new. The bears are still shrink-wrapped. Graphics are bright and the colors vivid. It measures 22” long and 10 ¼” tall. Advertised elsewhere for $225.00 plus shipping.  Remember, all Scott’s “Pre-Owned Props” are shipped free in the U.S.

Come again soon.  Products added frequently.

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