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If you have ever asked Scott Hollingsworth for his business card then no explantion is necessary!  Scotto is finally tipping all the details in his signature "Coin In Business Card" routine. 


You ask a spectator to take out a quarter and place their initials on it. The quarter then vanishes. You remove your business card wallet from your pocket and give them one of your business cards. The volunteer soon realizes that there is something "strange" about the card. They can feel something in between the layers of the card! They tear the card in half and INSIDE your business card is their signed coin! 


This is truly a reputation making effect. In this download you will see a live performance of Scott's full routine. Then Scott will take you backstage and share all the details. 


Scott often preceeds this effect with his "Feather Through Quarter" effect. The two routines work great together! 


Note: In order to construct this prop you will need a small leather business card wallet and "the gimmick" that comes with "Adams Magic Coin Box" magic trick. Both of these items can be purchased online for a few dollars. 

Coin In Business Card Download

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