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Faster than the Eye


This three-phase routine builds to an astounding climax. You can use any of the three phases as a stand-alone routine. It is suitable for the strolling magician and works well in a restaurant setting. This is not a self-working card trick. Yes, it will take some preparation. However, with attention to detail and a little practice, this routine will become one of your all-time favorites.


Phase One:   A few cards are removed from a face-up deck spread on the table.  A spectator is asked to remember the black card.  Each card is displayed openly without any false moves. With a snap of his fingers, the magician tosses the cards face-up on the table.  The black card has vanished -- only to reappear from the magician’s pocket.


Phase Two:  The magician eliminates all the cards except the black card and one red card.  Again, he snaps his fingers and the two cards change places.


Phase Three:  The magician tears the black card into six pieces, places them into the spectator’s palm, where, once again, the two cards change places.


At the conclusion, five cards are left on the table for examination.


Your purchase of this routine will give you a pdf manuscript with detailed instructions and patter including 25 photos.


You will need to provide:


  • A deck of cards
  • A matching double-face card that is red on one side and black on the other
    (this card will be destroyed each time you do the routine)
  • Two identical paperclips


Faster Than The Eye Download

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