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The Strolling Chop Cup


The best of the best chop cup miracles combined in a smooth routine that will make your reputation.  This routine is a commercial approach to the standard chop cup.  The moves are simple, but the results are killer.  This routine was perfected by Scott during tens of thousands of performances during his 27 years at Magic Island. 


Your purchase includes a pdf with instructions, including 22 photos, and extra detailed explanations of three ball vanish variations, plus a link to a live performance video of this routine by Scott Hollingsworth.


 You will need to provide:   


  • 1 chop cup
  • 1 gimmicked ball and matching regular ball
  • 1 shot glass that fits under the cup                                       
  • 2 lemons that fit under the cup
  • magic wand
  • attractive bag to hold these props


Strolling Chop Cup Download

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