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“The Amazing Ring & String Trick” is Scott’s handling for the classic ring on rope effect. Scott has carefully designed this routine so that it involves the audience, has four moments of astonishment, and quickly builds to an amazing climax.


This workers routine is truly the ultimate in packs flat / plays big magic. The ring and shoelace take up very little pocket space so it is perfect for the strolling / table hopping magician. The 4-inch ring is large enough that it can easily be seen from stage for the stand-up performer as well.   


In this tutorial, you will see Scott perform “The Amazing Ring & String Trick” in front of a live audience so you can easily learn the presentation, script, and timing of all the moves. Scott will then take you “backstage” and walk you through every aspect of his routine.


Note: To perform this routine you will need a metal ring (approximately 4-inches) and a 45-inch red shoelace.

The Amazing Ring & String Trick

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